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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a great way to revitalize your skin. Schedule a consultation with us today to unlock your radiance!

What is a chemical peel? 

A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure that we commonly do at our practice for a variety of skin conditions. A series of chemical solutions are applied to the skin, usually the face and neck, and it causes the top layer of skin to peel off over the course of the next couple of days to weeks.

Who should get a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a great treatment for most people! It is an excellent treatment for acne, acne scars, melasma, sun spots, pre-cancers, skin texture, and many other skin conditions. They improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also smoothing the texture of the skin. Schedule a consultation with us at (310) 888-8877 to find out if you are a good candidate for a chemical peel.

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What should I expect during a chemical peel?

  1. Preparation: The skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepped for the peel.

  2. Application: We apply one of our proprietary chemical solutions to the skin. We have many different types of chemical peels and we will choose the right peel based on our consultation.

  3. Peeling and neutralization: The chemical solution is left on the skin for a specific period, allowing it to penetrate and exfoliate the outer layers. During this time, some individuals may experience a mild tingling or burning sensation. We closely monitor the skin's response and neutralize the peel with water or a neutralizing solution when the desired level of exfoliation is achieved. 

  4. Aftercare: After the peel, we apply sunscreens to the treated skin. We also recommend daily moisturizing with a thick moisturizer such as Vaseline. 


What is the aftercare for my chemical peel? 

Aftercare for a chemical peel includes avoiding direct sunlight, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding harsh skincare products like retinoic acid, exfoliating products, and hydroquinone for 7 days or until the peeling stops. You may apply frequent Vaseline or lotion to the treated area to help soothe the area. We advise to avoid washing the face for 8 hours to get optimal results. 


What will my skin look like after a chemical peel?

You can expect some mild redness, peeling, or swelling, depending on the strength of the chemical peel performed. 


How many times do I need to do a chemical peel? 

With each chemical peel we aim to give the aim desired results. However, for best results, we recommend a series of at least three chemical peels over time.


How long do I have to wait before my next chemical peel?

We recommend waiting about 4 weeks between chemical peels. 


Can I do Botox or laser treatments on the same day as a chemical peel?

Yes! Let us know your desired treatments in advance, and we will do them in an order that allows you do them all on the same day.

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Revitalize your skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, balancing skin tone, and lessening acne scars. Book your consultation appointment today to unlock your radiance!

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