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Leg Veins

What are leg veins?

Leg veins are very common. Superficial leg veins are visible and benign and can cause insecurities about showing your legs. They occur when the valves in your veins weaken, cause backflow of blood, which results in bulging of the vein. Their dark blue or purple appearance can be improved with two main treatment options at our office. 


Who is at risk for visible leg veins? 

Visible leg veins are more common as we age. It is also genetic so you are more likely to develop leg veins if members of your family have them. Pregnancy, sunlight, and injuries are put you at risk as well.


How do you treat leg veins like spider veins and varicose veins? 

Small spider veins may be eliminated or lightened with a specialized laser. The laser picks up the hemoglobin in the veins and can immediately cause lightening of the veins. You may feel some brief discomfort from the laser but many of our patients tolerate the laser without any complaints. You will likely need multiple sessions with the laser for optimal results. 


Larger leg veins will need an FDA-approved procedure called sclerotherapy. We will inject a medication into the veins which causes the veins to collapse. You will see results immediately and continued shrinkage over the course of the next few weeks or months. After the procedure, you should wear a compression bandage and walk for 20 minutes. Best results will be achieved with 2-3 sessions of sclerotherapy. If you have a history of blood clots you may not be a candidate for this treatment. 


Both our laser therapy and sclerotherapy procedure are great options for leg vein treatment. You may return to work and continue regular activity after both treatments. Call or text our office to schedule a consultation to see which treatment is best for you. 

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